The Sun sets on its paywall attempt

The U.K.-based tabloid magazine, The Sun, made the announcement in 2013 that it would begin charging for access to its website. According to a Press Gazette article by Dominic Ponsford, as the fourth most popular U.K. national newspaper, The Sun decided to follow suit among its other parent-company’s news outlets and implemented its first paywall. Within its first […]

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The WSJ: tried & true and still redesigning

According to an article by The Week highlighting a 14-year timeline of how the news media has implemented paywalls strategies, the Wall Street Journal was “one of the first national newspapers to install a paywall…just one year after launching the [web]site.” Notably, in 1998, one year afree implementing its paywall, the newspaper had exceeded 200,000 online subscribers. In 2007, […]

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Two sides of the paywall

In the two decades since The New York Times implemented their “hard” paywall strategy, the digital age has proven that making money out of news has become increasingly difficult. The success rate of the paywall strategy varies. As noted in the February 2016 article in The Conversation, some major newspapers, such as The New York Times […]

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